Incline Teams
At Incline Sports we encourage friendly competition in all of the fields we cater to, while we do have many we consider team members there is no pressure to perform, just participate. We have had many medals and strong competitors in the past, but our focus has always been just getting out there and having fun. All we require of our TEAM is that you be a positive influence in the sport you are competing in, reflect positively on the SHOP and of course use our products. That being said, since our teams are all fun based our team members don't get what you would call full sponsorship, rather we offer discounts on products and help in any way we can getting people set up and transported to events.

Team clothing is made available and this year we will be unveiling our new redesigned cycling team jersey and some new t-shirts and hoodies.

We currently have a limited number of events in New Brunswick, we are supporting a few athletes were we can.

Darren Simmie - Road, Mountain Bike and Cyclo-Cross
Alexandre Savoie - Road Racing and Cyclo-Cross
Roger Frenette - Road Racing and Cyclo-Cross
Natalie Deveaux - Cyclo-Cross and Road
Scott Campbell - Cyclo-Cross, Road & Mountain Bike Endurance
Devin Doiron - Road, Cyclo-Cross and Track
Jeremie Cormier - Road Racing
David Miller - Road Racing
Philip McGee - Triathlon/Ironman
Jason Driscoll - Ironman/Triathlon