We stock everything you need for skateboarding, we carry shoes from Etnies, eS, Adio, Element and Duffs. We've got decks from Affiliate to Zero and everything in between. We stock all the accessories you need from; Spitfire, GK, Tensor, Element and the list seems endless. We have more brands available than any other skate shop in the region.

You know what I find amusing? It's when someone can be told they are not hardcore because they went to a shop that's not skate specific. If you were a hardcore skater you wouldn't care what anyone said; it's all about skating, Right? If you were broke and found a Barbie board you would skate it, I know you would. Don't fall victim to controlling marketing tactics, get your shit were you want and thrash it. I agree MALL SHOPS ARE DEATH to the sports we love; shop local and skate with out boundaries. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME, except in Miramichi??....


We now have the NEW BURTON APPROACH SNODECK, check it out. And don't forget we got a kick-ass girls section too.

In the section below, you will find links to most of the skateboard related brands we carry.

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