Service and Quality
We service everything we sell, offer very competitive service rates and stock every part you need to keep your equipment running. We're all involved in the sports that we sell at Incline so we know what's the best and that's what we stock, only the best equipment and parts. We provide custom wheel building and full service of all suspension components. And remember, if you don't see it, just ask, and we'll do our best to get it.

Shop Rates & Tune Ups
Parts, Shop Supplies & Taxes not included.

"Essential Security" Adjustments - $45

- Inspection of cables, housings & brake pads
- Replacement of cables, housings & break pads if necessary
- Adjustment & centering of both brakes
- Speeds adjustment, derailers synchronisation
- Headset & bottom bracket inspection
- Put specialized oil on the chain
- Inflate tires to the ideal pressure

"Top Shape" Tune Up - $70

* "Essential Security" Adjustments and:

- Minor trueing of both wheels
- Transmission rebuild & deep cleaning
- Check tension of bolts & nuts
- Inspection of the bike's overall condition
- Report of inspection

"New Life Rebuild" Grease Job - $120

* "Top Shape" Tune Up and:

- Complete stripping of the bike
- Deep cleaning of all components
- Regrease headset, hubs & bottom bracket
- Elite level re-assembly & adjustments
- Inspection of bike's exact condition

The regular labour rate of Incline Sports service department is $50/hr charged in 15 minute increments. IE: 15 min = $12.50. A minimum labour charge of $5 applies to any work. The hourly rate is 80$ when asked to install or adjust a new component that comes from one of our competitors & an equivalent is available at our shop.

Our department store bike policy:

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