Other Bikes

Other Bikes, wow that can cover a lot of models, we offer so much more than just enthusiast level bikes.

We have the ever popular Comfort Mountain bikes which look like mountain bikes but have smooth rolling tires, easy to use gear systems, an upright riding position and comfort saddles. This is an extremely popular choice for recreational cyclists who don't really plan to head off into the "wilderness" too much. These are kind of the sport utility models, they will go most places you need them to, but they likely will never leave the road or groomed trails.

We also have Hybrids which are also more suited to on road use; they have larger wheels and narrower tires for efficiency. Hybrids come in comfort and performance categories; these can be a good a choice for commuting and touring.

Cruisers are another category gaining in popularity; these bikes are styled like 1950's beach cruisers or "balloon tire bikes". Within the cruiser category you have classic and custom styles, think of classic as a restoration and custom as a hot rod. We have cruisers from Electra, Norco and Giant; Electra offers many paint schemes from mild to wild and a very extensive line of accessories to personalize your ride. A new variant of the cruiser is the chopper, motorcycle choppers are everywhere in magazines and TV, and now you can get some real eye catching top quality bicycles too.

And don't forget kids bikes, Norco has some very competitively priced kids bikes and Giant has a beautiful aluminum tricycle.

In the section below, you will find links to most of the other bikes related brands we carry.

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